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Everything about headphones and acoustics
Everything about headphones and acoustics
Everything about headphones and acoustics
Everything about headphones and acoustics
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Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited.
Albert Einstein
But both make you successful.
Trust years of experience and let yourself be inspired.
Create your own portfolio with grellaudio consulting's creativity and years of experience! Full service and consulting on headphone development.
Suitable for
you and your
In order for your product to fit well into your company, grellaudio precisely addresses your needs, desires, and specifications.
If necessary, comprehensive strategies and solutions are developed and implemented in collaboration with you.
Overall concepts for consumer electronics and electroacoustics

Circumaural headphones
wired and wireless
Headphone amplifiers
stationary and portable

On-ear headphones
wired and wireless

In-ear headphones
wired and wireless
Creation of individual, innovative headphone concepts
. . .
Support for marketing, development, and manufacturing processes
. . .
Targeted consultation on the subject of headphones

. . .
Eight steps to the finished product

Precise definition of the product, market research, target group description, user scenarios, product positioning

Development of a mechanical, acoustic, audio-electronic concept, ergonomics, operating concepts, user interface design

Services around the product: design and mechanics, product design, packaging concept, print design

Prototype construction

Supplier selection

Implementation in production and support throughout the entire manufacturing process, result checking

Quality testing, collaboration with certified quality laboratories, approval measurements in accordance with global standards

Development of sales and marketing concepts, PR

grellaudio consulting networkpartners
The name Grell is well known in the world of headphones. Years of experience in the industry have created a network of acoust experts, designers, suppliers and manufacturers. grellaudio has the necessary press contacts and works closely with national and international companies.
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